Excess Insurance

Excess Insurance can save you hundreds of pounds which may prove to be invaluable if you need to make a claim on your insurance policy due to an accident or if your vehicle has been stolen.

The consequence of claiming on your insurance can result in increase insurance premiums the following year and/or leave you out of pocket by forking out for your excess to pay for your insurance policy.

Virtually everyone knows the higher you set your insurance excess the cheaper your premium will be. And due to the rising cost of insurances most people are having to take this chance.

There are two types of excess on your insurance policy. Compulsory excess and Voluntary excess.

Compulsory excess is mandatory and a set amount defined by the insurance company when you setup the policy. Voluntary Excess is the amount you setup when you arrange the policy incase of an accident.

Excess Insurance will cover the cost of your excess towards you insurance policy up to a pre-agreed limit if you have to make a claim.

What then happens is that you will pay you insurance provider as per normal the required excess amount. And then claim this amount back on your Excess Insurance policy.