Holidays WIth Kids

When planning holidays with kids, you need to find a destination that will suit the whole family. Fortunately, there are plenty of great holiday ideas which will entertain everyone from babies and toddlers upwards. When booking your break, remember to find out what facilities are included for children, from highchairs and cots for the tinies to kids' clubs and sports. Wi-fi availability is worth checking, too, as older children are unlikely to forsake their electronic devices completely.

It's also a good idea to look at the usual weather at the time of year when you'll be travelling. Parents might love the sun, but many small children find it hard to tolerate much heat. This means you may find it better to book outside the height of summer for a journey to a hot destination, such as a Mediterranean resort. If your children are pre-schoolers and you can travel outside school holidays, this could also save you money – but be aware that long-haul flights with very young kids can be tiring at any time of year. Do also remember to check if any vaccinations or other health precautions are needed well in advance.

Travelling to Your Destination

Are we there yet? Just about every parent has heard that cry from the back of the car when heading off on holidays with kids. Sometimes they start to complain even before you're out of your own driveway! Fortunately, there are ways of entertaining your offspring on the way to your chosen destination. Remember to pack plenty of different activities; small games, crayons and other items can be put in envelopes and handed out every hour or so. Audio tapes are great for getting a few minutes' peace, and you could also organise sing songs or family games such as I Spy.

The most important thing is to make sure you stop off regularly and allow youngsters to let off steam, for instance, at a playground. They might even take a nap when you set off again. If you are flying with children, remember they will soon get bored, so bring a small backpack with games and activities for each kid. Whatever your means of travel, it's vital to take plenty of snacks and bottles of water, and a spare set of clothes could also come in handy.

Routine versus Excitement

Nobody wants to spend a holiday rigidly sticking to the same routine you have at home. The whole fun of getting away from it all means letting rules slide to some extent, with time to relax and enjoy yourselves. However, even if bedtimes are a little later than usual, it's advisable not to get too far away from normal sleeping patterns during holidays with kids, or it could take ages to get back to normal once the trip is over.

Fairly regular meal times are also important, and it's a good idea to include some familiar foods on the holiday menu, even if you want to get your children to try some of the local delicacies. Many young children are suspicious of too much different food, but they might discover a few new taste sensations which they enjoy – and even ask you to cook up their favourite holiday meal once you are home again!

Holidays With Kids